Destination Co

DESTii started as Destination Co and was created as a stand against fast fashion. We wanted to create a product that was built to last and represented the things we loved the most; travelling, quality, comfort and style. 

Here's just a couple of things we love and stand for at DESTii:

  • Sustainability - Our products are designed with the planet in mind, we use only sustainable practices and materials in the production of our goods.
  • Environmentally Friendly - We endeavour to minimise our impact on the environment and proactively seek ways we can give back to the earth where we can.
  • Timeless - We aim to design and create high quality products that last the test of time. Good quality linen is like a fine wine (it get's better with age) so we want your clothing to last years so you can reduce your impact on the planet too.
  • Destination - Our range is designed for comfort and style at every event or location. Simple!