SeaTrees x DESTii

Who are SeaTree's and what is their vision?

On Earth Day 2021 SeaTree's announced their first major milestone of 1 Million SeaTrees planted + protected. That includes 125,000 sq ft of kelp restoration funded in California, USA.

SeaTrees are already working hard to find quality new projects where we can work together to plant the next Million SeaTrees. Longer-term, their goal is to support 100 blue-carbon projects in threatened coastal ecosystems by 2030, in turn becoming a global leader in developing blue-carbon projects. 

We believe the ocean has superpowers – and we can work with it to reverse climate change. But there's no time to waste – the global scientific consensus is clear that we have the next 10 years to reduce our collective carbon footprint – to avoid passing a catastrophic climate tipping point. 

How does DESTii align and support?

DESTii loves the ocean. We love being near the ocean, protecting the ocean and enjoy staring at the ocean. SeaTree's aligns perfectly with what we are trying to achieve through completing our products circular economy process. 

DESTii products are made from natural materials. We then manufacture our garments and transport them (this utilises carbon). We then ship these products to you, our customers via Sendle (carbon neutral shipping). SeaTrees allows us to offset any carbon produced in our manufacturing process and actually help make a difference by planting a mangrove tree for every product that we sell. Our partnership with SeaTress allows us to offset more carbon then we produce to assist in reversing the negative climate change impacts that are occurring.

Our goal is to grow with SeaTrees and continue to support them and work with them to create new initiatives and projects that will counteract the negative environmental impact our industry has on the planet.

For more information on SeaTrees and the Indonesian mangrove project we are supporting please follow this link;

The ocean has superpowers to reverse climate change